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The Ultimate Training Device for Musicians

For Windows and Mac.

How we reinvented the Metronome and made the
Ultimate Training Device for Musicians:

At its core, GrooveMaster Pro is a professional software metronome with high precision, multiple time signatures, subdivisions, accents and a wide array of click sounds.

But that's only about 1/5 of the awesomeness, so keep reading:

Build Rock-Solid Timing, an Inner Clock and a Stunningly Precise Technique with these integrated Trainers:

Beat Shift Trainer

1) Beat Shift-Trainer

For Rock-solid timing: This trainer shifts the beat every few bars – testing and training you to tighten up your play.

Phantom Beat Trainer

2) Phantom Beat-Trainer

Develop an inner clock: This trainer silences random clicks and entire bars to make your inner clock as solid as an atomic timing device.

Precision Trainer

3) Precision Trainer

For a precise technique: Choose a starting and end tempo to gradually build speed and develop and super-precise technique.

Thanks to the highly effective practice with GrooveMaster Pro, you only need to spend about 10 minutes a day for the training to take effect.

Loved by professional musicians around the globe.

See what some of them have to say:

David Wallimann

GrooveMaster is such a simple tool, yet the benefits of using it every day 5–10 minutes are incredible.

Your playing and your improvisations are going to be so much more focussed. It's really incredible what a little bit of rhythm training can do to your playing.

David Wallimann, Progressive Rock Musician

Marko Zirkovich

GrooveMaster is an elegant, intuitive and extremely useful piece of software for any musician. Yes, it clicks in time (just like any regular metronome) - but what sets GrooveMaster apart are the various Trainer functionalities.

If you want to develop your internal time feel, overall sense of rhythm and precision, then you've just found the perfect solution with GrooveMaster.

Marko Zirkovich, Composer, Digital Audio Producer and Guitar Teacher

What comes with GrooveMaster Pro?

At a glance

  • Professional Metronome
  • Beat-Shift Trainer
  • Phantom Beat Trainer
  • Precision Trainer
  • For Windows and Mac

Professional Features

  • Any time signature
  • 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and triplets
  • 1-1000+ bpm
  • Tap tempo
  • Toggle accents

Meticulously Crafted

  • Elegant Design
  • High precision
  • 7 high quality click sounds
  • Beautiful beat visualizer
  • Keyboard-shortcuts


precision trainer
precision trainer
precision trainer
precision trainer

Now is the time to revolutionize your training.
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